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Institute of Contemporary Arts ICA Design Placement by Matthew Coles

Showcase of all the work I undertook while on placement at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) London by Matthew Coles

Recent infographic work:

Piston Live… if you dare! EP Artwork

Design and artwork for Midlands band Piston for their their live E.P 'Live... If You Dare!' out on Friday 25th June 2021. The band released a ...

London School of Economics Egypt Infographic

An infographic produced for London School of Economics Egypt Infographic to help educated and establish an efficient and sustainable healthcare system. It requires balancing the ...

i newspaper infographics and Illustrations

Selection of i newspaper infographics and i newspaper illustrations created for UK daily newspaper i produced ...

The Future of Extremism Branding Project

The Future of Extremism is a series by The Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) examining the increasingly hybridised nature of the next generation of global ...

Spanish Tapas Infographic

An infographic produced for lookings at 20 different tapas dishes and where they are found in Spain, this design was featured in Photoshop Creative ...

Upwork Infographic

An infographic for Upwork to compare the cost of freelancers vs agency vs full-time employees. The infographic looks at the 3 different options and gives ...

IoTUK in numbers Infographic

An infographic for IoTUK to celebrate their first year in business. The infographic looks at the key facts and figures surrounding 'The Internet of Things' ...

BAFTA Games Awards Infographic

A gaming infographic to celebrate the British Academy Games Awards 2016, looking into the numbers behind the awards, including the most nominated franchises, the impact ...

Lifestyle infographic for Alpro UK

A lifestyle infographic for Alpro UK looking into what makes women feel at the most fashionable breakfast ingredients of the moment for London Fashion Week. ...

History of Cooking Infographic for Smeg Ovens

An infographic for Smeg UK celebrating the launch of their latest ovens, by taking the reader on a journey through the history of cooking. To ...

Travel Trends Infographic for Flagship Consulting

Unique photograph style infographic that provided the Top 10 digital travel insights for 2015, it was cropped and sliced into 10 individual twitter images. To ...

Millennials Infographic for Flagship Consulting

A Millennials infographic completed for Flagship Consulting asking whether company's are ready for the Millennial workforce revolution, to see the full infographic and read the ...

What type of infographic… for Flagship Consulting

'What type of infographic do you want to make?'an infographic completed for Flagship Consulting that helps you to decide, what infographic best fits the data ...

Malaria Infographic for Sumitomo Chemical

An infographic completed for Sumitomo Chemical looking into insecticide resistance in mosquitos, to see the full infographic click here

Ronaldo goals to games ratio infographic

Ronaldo goals to games ratio infographic  

Cruise Infographic 2013

Cruise Infographic 2013   An infographic I produced for Flagship Consulting The State of the Cruise Industry Media in 2013 made by the team at Flagship ...

Ronaldo Vs Ibrahimovic World Cup Qualifying 2014

An infographic comparing Portugals Cristiano Ronaldo against Swedens Zlatan Ibrahimovic World Cup Qualifying Stats 'Head to head'

Narwhal illustration

An illustration of a Narwhal

Pyramid Vector Illustration

Pyramid Vector Illustration

coliseum rome illustration

coliseum rome illustration

Laser Cut Red Acyrlic
Personal Project

Laser Cut Red Acyrlic    

Me and My Net Booklet

[vc_column width="1/2" el_position="first last"] [vc_column_text width="1/1" el_position="first last"] Me and My Net Booklet I was approached by Sumitomo Chemical to produce a 12pp promotional booklet and infographic ...

Infographic on infographics for B2B Marketing Magazine

Commissioned by B2B Marketing to create an Infographic on how to create good infographics. The design was published ...

Reflecting Conversations Illustration

Reflecting Conversations Illustration

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