Piston Live... if you dare! EP Artwork

Design and artwork for Midlands band Piston for their their live E.P 'Live... If You Dare!' out on Friday 25th June 2021.

The band released a new live track every week across all their digital music platforms.

The E.P is mixed and mastered at Essex Recording Studios.

London School of Economics Egypt Infographic

An infographic produced for London School of Economics Egypt Infographic to help educated and establish an efficient and sustainable healthcare system. It requires balancing the priorities of high-quality care delivery and population health improvements with efficient services that do not overburden health system budgets.

i newspaper Infographics and Illustrations

Selection of i newspaper infographics and i newspaper illustrations created for UK daily newspaper i produced by infographic designer Matthew Coles

The Future of Extremism Branding Project

The Future of Extremism is a series by The Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) examining the increasingly hybridised nature of the next generation of global extremism threats and responses. Through data-driven publications, thought-leading analysis and public events running through 2021.


ISD explores the priorities and principles that will underpin the next five to 10 years of counter-extremism policy and practice. This branding project required the creation of an impactful logotype that would speak to visceral nature that the research investigates.

Total Jobs Infographic and gifographics

Infographic project looking into the effects of Brexit on the jobs market

Bizdaq Real life wages of fictional characters Infographic

Bizdaq approached me with some content for an infographic and looked to me to provide design ideas, and we were able to very quickly create and design an awesome infographic that the client was super happy with (and was far exceeded their expectations).

HR Infographic for HCM and Payroll Company

Tools and Technology play a vital part in the modern workplace as a result employers need to be equipped for success and understand their employees demands.

What type of infographic... for Flagship Consulting

'What type of infographic do you want to make?'an infographic completed for Flagship Consulting that helps you to decide, what infographic best fits the data to hand. To find out what infographic you should make with your data





How to start an infographic
How to start an infographic by Flagship Consulting

Valentines Day Infographic for Flagship Consulting

An infographic completed for Flagship Consulting looking at the similarities between the rules of attraction between 2 people and the relationship between a consumer and a brand, to see the full infographic click here

Malaria Infographic for Sumitomo Chemical

An infographic completed for Sumitomo Chemical looking into insecticide resistance in mosquitos, to see the full infographic click here